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Conservators/ Guardianships

It is important to prepare documents which will protect you if you ever become unable to care for yourself and your personal affairs.  If you establish a living trust during your lifetime, your designated and chosen successor trustee can step in to manage your assets and affairs.  It is also advisable to prepare a durable power of attorney and an advance health care directive which designate the individuals you would want to handle your personal and financial affairs and make your health care decisions if you ever become unable to make such decisions.  Pre-planning for these situations can avoid the necessity of court-supervised conservatorship proceedings.

For situations where these arrangements have not been made in advance, I can assist family or friends who seek to be appointed as the conservator or guardian.  I will help Conservators (Limited and General) and Guardians petition for appointment and assist with the court documents required to fulfill their duties and obligations after appointment.

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