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Probate and Trust Administration

At a person's death, his or her estate will be managed by the person they designate to be their Executor or Trustee.  An individual’s assets will be distributed in accordance with their stated wishes as they set forth in their estate planning documents.  This process of gathering assets, paying last debts, and distributing assets is called estate administration.  Estate administrationcan be conducted privately by a designated Trustee when an individual establishes a living trust or it can be done formally through a court-supervised trust administration or probate proceeding.  Common questions arise in estate administration:  Is Probate Court necessary?  What steps should the Executor or Trustee take to comply with the will or trust directions?  How can assets be distributed with minimal cost and effort and yet comply with the law and a person's wishes?  

I can efficiently and effectively guide Trustees and Executors through the estate administration process.  I am experienced in probating estates through the courts as well as assisting Trustees to privately administer a Living Trust.

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